Why your Afrihost and Crystal Web connection was not working

Clients of Afrihost, Crystal Web, and Cool Ideas have complained that their Internet connections were not performing well on 16 Februaury.

“It’s intermittent. Pages don’t load, and then they do. Traces to various locations are not indicating any packet loss,” one user posted online.

Many others reported similar problems.

Crystal Web notice from NAPAfrica explained that there were outages this morning.

NAPAfrica is a neutral Internet exchange point with an open peering platform that is operated by Teraco at its data centres around South Africa.

It allows networks to freely exchange traffic between one another and its membership includes local Internet service providers, Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

The Internet exchange told MyBroadband the issue this morning stemmed from a planned software upgrade, which began misbehaving as users came online and traffic increased.

Only a small proportion of its members were affected – fewer than 10 of the 280 networks peering at the facility – it said.

“NAPAfrica notified members a week prior to the scheduled software upgrade, which took place Thursday night with testing until 05:00 Friday morning,” it said.

As traffic through the exchange increased this morning, NAPAfrica was made aware of slow TCP traffic, or possible timing out, affecting a handful of members.

“With assistance from its peers, NAPAfrica discovered that multipathed traffic was being affected and removed the problematic paths from the fabric and it immediately resolved the issue.”

“NAPAfrica will continue investigating and is engaging with its hardware vendor for analysis. The exchange would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

NAPAfrica IX Johannesburg Traffic


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Why your Afrihost and Crystal Web connection was not working