How Facebook tries to trick you into signing up after deleting your account

If you delete your Facebook account, emails from the service trying to coax you to sign back up may be heading your way.

The emails read as though you never left the service, and include “friend invite” messages.

One MyBroadband reader who deleted her account in 2010 still receives mails from the service, and in 2018 the Facebook email campaign became more aggressive.

“[Name] wants to be friends with you on Facebook,” one message reads.

“You recently registered for Facebook. To complete your Facebook registration, please confirm your account,” states another.

One message claims the user is trying to log into Facebook, and provides a button labeled “Get Back on Facebook”.

The reader said she has not tried to re-register or log into her deleted account.

Facebook fighting for users

The former Facebook subscriber who informed MyBroadband about the emails is not the only person to receive such notifications.

Bloomberg reported that a Chilean user who deleted the Facebook app from his phone received similar mails every few days.

The report speculated that Facebook was trying to entice users back onto its social media platform to ensure it beats investor expectations regarding user numbers.

Screenshots of the mails the MyBroadband reader received are below.

Facebook friend message


Facebook registration message


Facebook trouble logging in


Facebook replies

Facebook told MyBroadband that when a user deletes their profile, it may take up to 90 days for “the deletion process to delete all of the things you’ve posted”.

When your account is deactivated, the tags that connect to your profile will change from links to plain text, it added.

“If you reactivate your account, the tags will be linkable again, but if you delete your account permanently, your name will remain as plain text,” it said.

Facebook stated that users who try to log in to their deactivated account will receive an email like the one above, or if a person tried to sign up for Facebook using their email address.

It stated that the MyBroadband reader’s account has not been logged in to for over six years, but was still able to receive friend requests.

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How Facebook tries to trick you into signing up after deleting your account