Amazon Prime Video criticised over drop in video quality

Amazon has come under fire after subscribers to Prime Video noticed a drop in video quality, TorrentFreak reported.

Pirates and legitimate customers have taken to Reddit to complain.

The pirate groups stated that bitrates and file sizes of series’ 720p streams have declined from 1.56GB at 3,073kbps, to 907MB at 1,514kbps.

Amazon’s technical support has reportedly distanced itself from the issue, leaving the community to speculate about the change.

A source told TorrentFreak that Amazon was using an encoding profile that was right on the edge of “relatively good quality.” It kept bitrates relatively low, but high enough to ensure no perceivable loss of quality.

Amazon now appears to have adjusted the variables of its encoding profile to lower the bitrate and file sizes.

Due to the change, the quality of certain streams was reduced by up to 50%. This has caused perceptible loss of visual quality.

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Amazon Prime Video criticised over drop in video quality