News24 blocks users with Ad-blockers

News24, South Africa’s biggest news website, is blocking users from accessing it if they are using ad-blockers.

When navigating to News24 with an ad-blocker on, the news site does not load. Instead, users are presented with a landing page with the heading “Truth Matters”.

“We noticed that you are using software that blocks ads. In order to keep bringing you credible, breaking news journalism, please choose one of the following options to support us,” states News24.

The two main options are:

  • Pay for an Ad-Free Experience – For only R49.99/month you can browse Ad-Free without interruptions!
  • Have Ads pay for the news – Simply whitelist on your ad-blocker and ads will pay for your browsing experience.

Buttons to subscribe, or how to whitelist the site in an ad-blocker are presented with the two options.

At the bottom of the page in smaller print is a third option, which states “Continue without supporting us”. Clicking this takes users to the News24 site.

The move from News24 comes after Effective Measure reported in 2017 that 13% of South African consumers use ad blockers.

Ad-blockers affect a news website’s ability to make money, as advertising is a primary source of income in the industry.

With ad-blockers affecting publisher revenue, many news websites’ only source of income, Axel Springer recently brought a case against Adblock Plus – aiming to ban the ad-blocking application.

The case was thrown out of the German Supreme Court earlier in 2018.

Click the image below to see News24’s ad-block page.


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News24 blocks users with Ad-blockers