Top websites in South Africa for June 2011

In February 2011 the Digital Media and Marketing Association (DMMA) announced that it had appointed Effective Measure as their new measurement vendor.

Effective Measure was selected for their ability to provide the South African market with an accurate, efficient and cost effective audience measurement service and media planning tool.

Effective Measure officially replaced Nielsen Online in April 2011, and the company warned online publishers beforehand that they should expect a decline in unique monthly visitors because of the more rigorous tracking methodology.

As predicted, unique visitor numbers declined for most websites in South Africa with the new measuring system, but it did not significantly change the list of top South African websites.

News24 continues to dominate the South African Internet publishing market, with MSN and IOL also maintaining their prominent showing as top local websites.

The following table lists the Top 10 websites according to South African traffic for the latest (June 2011) Effective Measure statistics:

Website Statistics (South African Traffic Only)
Rank Name Publisher Name Unique Browsers Page Views
1 News24 1,721,333 29,817,650
2 Howzit.MSN Kagiso MSN 1,502,872 26,120,687
3 IOL Independent Online 834,662 14,794,477
4 MWEB MWEB Connect 609,974 13,489,347
5 Webmail Interface Holdings 609,207 26,865,880
6 Junkmail Junk Mail Publishing 600,275 13,697,658
7 MyBroadband MyBroadband 476,376 4,272,995
8 Sport24 459,656 4,423,536
9 PrivateProperty Private Property 452,216 12,982,167
10 TimesLive Avusa Media LIVE 448,210 5,329,901

Worldwide Stats

When looking at worldwide statistics three websites appear in the top 10 list which are not present in the local top 10: BBC, Supersport and Mail & Guardian.  These websites essentially replaced MWEB, Sport24 and PrivateProperty.

While total (aka worldwide) website traffic is seldom used by media planners representing South African brands, it is a good measure to establish the total following and search engine relevance of a website.

The following table provides an overview of the top 10 South African websites according to worldwide traffic:

Website Statistics (Worldwide Traffic)
Rank Name Publisher Name Unique Browsers Page Views
1 News24 2,432,090 36,005,690
2 BBC BBC 1,868,813 20,510,178
3 Howzit.MSN Kagiso MSN 1,760,089 29,149,245
4 IOL Independent Online 1,648,755 19,209,891
5 MyBroadband MyBroadband 919,581 5,600,823
6 TimesLive Avusa Media LIVE 872,684 7,272,033
7 Junkmail Junk Mail Publishing 796,268 16,375,251
8 Supersport DStv Online 772,912 13,163,100
9 Mail & Guardian Mail & Guardian Online 745,302 4,367,194
10 Webmail Interface Holdings 743,803 30,857,448


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Top websites in South Africa for June 2011