Hollywood wants hosting providers to crack down on piracy sites

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) filed a letter with the US Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator (IPEC) arguing that hosting companies should take more responsibility for their role in the piracy ecosystem, TorrentFreak reports.

United States law views hosting providers as neutral intermediaries, but the MPAA said that the lack on involvement from third-party Internet services has hampered the battle against the distribution of pirated content.

“Compounding matters is the lack of accountability of some major online platforms for their failure to prevent content theft and other illicit conduct over their services,” said MPAA senior vice president Neil Fried.

Payment services and advertisers have entered into voluntary agreements to combat piracy, but the MPAA argues that hosting providers should also take a more active stance as they have the ability to shut piracy websites down.

“Given the central role of hosting providers in the online ecosystem, it is disconcerting that many refuse to take action when notified that their hosting services are being used in clear violation of their own terms of service prohibiting intellectual property infringement and in blatant violation of the law,” the MPAA said.

The MPAA suggested that hosting companies should forward DMCA notices, terminate repeat offenders, and leave suspension court orders against piracy sites unchallenged.

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Hollywood wants hosting providers to crack down on piracy sites