Major DNS overhaul to hit the Internet

The current Domain Name System (DNS) is being overhauled next month, with workarounds for older technologies being removed to improve performance.

The DNS is essentially the phonebook of the Internet and is used to translate standard domain names like “” to IP addresses.

Major public DNS providers and vendors of DNS software have agreed to remove workarounds for older DNS implementations on 1 February 2019, as they limit the ability to deploy new features.

The day of the change has been named “DNS Flag Day”, and providers and vendors have issued a reminder for domain owners and DNS resolver operators to check if they are affected.

On 1 February, major DNS resolver vendors will release updates that implement stricter EDNS handling, with all DNS servers that do not respond to EDNS queries being treated as dead.

The DNS Flag Day website provides a number of tools to test EDNS implementations and ensure they will be compliant with the change.

DNS Flag Day supporters include Facebook, Google, Cloudflare, and Cisco.

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Major DNS overhaul to hit the Internet