Netflix is killing online piracy

Legitimate streaming services such as Netflix are killing content piracy by offering good content at a reasonable cost, Scoop News reports.

According to a study commissioned by Vocus Group NZ, piracy is declining in New Zealand as more Internet users turning to streaming services due to their ease-of-use and value offering.

More than 1,000 New Zealand residents were polled throughout the study, with the majority reporting that they very rarely watched pirated content anymore.

When asked what would reduce their piracy habits, respondents said that a greater variety of content on legitimate services and cheaper subscriptions would encourage them to turn away from pirated content.

“In short, the reason people are moving away from piracy is that it’s simply more hassle than it’s worth,” said Vocus Group NZ consumer general manager Taryn Hamilton.

“The research confirms something many internet pundits have long instinctively believed to be true: piracy isn’t driven by law-breakers, it’s driven by people who can’t easily or affordably get the content they want.”

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Netflix is killing online piracy