Google to prioritise original reporting for search results

Google announced an update to its search algorithm to prioritise news articles that it considers to be original reporting.

“While we typically show the latest and most comprehensive version of a story in news results, we’ve made changes to our products globally to highlight articles that we identify as significant original reporting,” said Google VP Richard Gingras.

“Such articles may stay in a highly visible position longer. This prominence allows users to view the original reporting while also looking at more recent articles alongside it.”

Gingras added that there is no absolute definition or standard for identifying what constitutes original reporting, and as a result, Google will continually transform this new ranking strategy as it improves its understanding of the life cycle of a story.

Google will be using over 10,000 human raters from around the world to evaluate stories, taking into account the publisher’s reputation for offering quality reporting so that stories are elevated when they offer “information that would not otherwise have been known had the article not revealed it.”

These raters could also ensure that publications aren’t rewarded for publishing breaking news stories without verifying important facts first.

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Google to prioritise original reporting for search results