Amazon to help Facebook in battle against deepfakes

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has joined Facebook’s Deepfake Detection Challenge (DFDC) to assist in combating the spread of misinformation through video manipulation technology.

The company stated it will serve as a technical partner and a member of the committee that oversees the challenge.

Facebook announced the DFDC initiative in early September alongside MIT, the University of Oxford, and Microsoft.

The challenge is aimed at creating open-source tools that can detect manipulated media, such as videos, that have been altered with the use of AI.

Amazon will provide experts in machine learning over the next two years, as well as $1 million in AWS credits to researchers and academics that require cloud services.

“The same technology which has given us delightfully realistic animation effects in movies and video games, has also been used by bad actors to blur the distinction between reality and fiction,” Amazon said.

In addition to AWS joining the challenge, the DFDC’s steering committee is providing researchers with 5,000 video samples for early analysis.

These form part of the full dataset of more than 100,000 examples which have been created specifically for the challenge.

The official launch of the DFDC will happen at the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems in December 2019.

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Amazon to help Facebook in battle against deepfakes