How to resolve a problem with your ISP in South Africa

The Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) has said its recently-launched mediation process received an “overwhelmingly positive” response from consumers.

ISPA is the entity that oversees the conduct of the majority of ISPs in South Africa.

The Association ensures that its members abide by a Code of Conduct which emphasises the fair treatment of ISP customers and ensures that its members provide accurate information of its products and services.

Handling complaints

Many South African Internet users will know the frustration of dealing with inadequate customer service or connectivity issues from their Internet Service Provider.

As a means of helping consumers to find solutions to problems with their ISP, ISPA launched a mediation process in September 2019.

ISPA co-chair Guy Halse said years of experience under the Code has helped shape this process.

“After seventeen years of enforcing the Code, ISPA’s team has learnt a lot about some of the issues consumers may experience with Internet Service Providers (ISPs). ISPA’s consumer mediation process puts this experience to good use,” said Halse.

Mediation aims to provide prompt assistance from an ISPA member if an ISP customer struggles to get a response or resolution to their issue.

“The ISPA team will collect as much useful information about the problem as possible and make sure it reaches the right person at the right ISP,” Halse said.

“Responses from members and consumers to the mediation process since it was launched have been positive, with members giving the process the necessary support to make it work, and consumers appreciative of the swift assistance they have received from ISPA’s members.”

It noted one user’s comment on the process, which applauded the quick resolution of an ISP-related problem.

Ordinarily one would have to wait 4-6 weeks for feedback let alone having the matter resolved so expediently.  Thank you once again for your intervention and high levels of service.

How to resolve a problem

To lodge a request for mediation at ISPA, you will first need to log a support ticket directly with your ISP.

If the response is slow or insufficient, you can then approach ISPA for further assistance.

Users can submit information regarding their complaint here.

ISPA noted that the relevant ISP needs to be a member of the Association, and recommended that consumers consider this when they choose a service provider.

More information on the mediation process can be found on the ISPA website.

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How to resolve a problem with your ISP in South Africa