How Telkom employees must behave on social media to protect the company

An internal mail sent to Telkom employees has warned them to be cognizant of their behaviour on social media.

The mail, which was seen by MyBroadband, warned employees against breaking the company’s policy on social media usage.

The company noted the significant amount of commentary in the media about its process to cuts jobs and said its employees must refrain from discussing this issue in the public domain.

“It came to light that some of our employees may be commenting on social media platforms or communicating directly with customers,” Telkom told employees.

“While we appreciate that this is a stressful time for employees, we are reminded of the company’s policy around social media engagements.”

“We request that during this stressful and uncertain period that our employees do not lose sight of Telkom’s customer focus.”

The company reminded its employees that all engagements with customers and external parties should not harm its image or reputation in any way.

Social media rules

The mail went on to highlight specific parts of Telkom’s social media policy.

These included a warning against publishing negative comments associated with the Telkom brand, the details of internal Telkom events, and the venting of work-related frustrations.

Below are the policies highlighted in the mail sent to Telkom employees:

  • Employees may not comment on confidential Telkom financial information, business performance, business plans, strategies or prospects and Telkom should ensure that all employees are aware of this.
  • If a respondent identifies himself/herself as a Telkom Employee on a forum or Social Media platform, he/she should be cognizant of the fact that he/she is a representative of the brand and has the capacity to impact the brand’s perception.
  • Employees are not permitted to complain or post negative statements about the brand, product and service issues on any Social Media platforms.
  • No Social Media interaction (tweets, posts, pictures) about internal Telkom events may occur unless cleared by the Digital Marketing team and Employment Relations.

The company added that while it may be tempting for employees to air their frustrations, they should keep them away from social media.

“Keep in mind that while all employees of any company may have the occasional work frustration, Facebook and Twitter or any other social media platforms are not the best avenues in which to air this,” it said.

“Comments made on a public platform are accessible by your clients and co-workers, as well as current and potential Telkom customers. Remember that anything you post online, even if it’s set to private, can be re-shared indiscriminately.”

In addition to reminding its employees to adhere to its social media guidelines, Telkom warned them to be vigilant of cybercrime and to take care to defend themselves against phishing attacks.

MyBroadband asked Telkom to comment on the internal mail, but the company did not immediately respond to questions.

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How Telkom employees must behave on social media to protect the company