Google warns Chromium Edge users to switch to Chrome

Google is warning Edge users to switch to its Chrome browser by displaying pop-ups on various Google websites.

These pop-ups were reported on by MSPowerUser and only appear to be displayed when users visit certain Google websites such as Docs, Search, Drive, and the Chrome Web Store while using Microsoft’s Edge browser.

According to these pop-ups, Google offers security and functionality advantages if users switch to the browser.

“Built for Windows. Hide annoying ads and protect against malware on the web,” said the pop-up on the Windows version of Chrome.

Google vs Microsoft

In previous years, Microsoft has not shied away from telling its users to avoid Google’s browser, either.

In September 2018, a Microsoft preview build included a pop-up warning when users attempted to install Google Chrome or Firefox.

Upon opening the installation program for either of these browsers, Windows 10 opened a window which warned against installing the browser – stating that users “already have Microsoft Edge – the safer, faster browser for Windows 10”.

However, Microsoft decided not to implement this warning in its official October 2018 update following criticism from users.

Chrome dominates the market

Google Chrome continues to dominate the browser market, holding a massive lead over Microsoft Edge and other browsers.

Chrome was used by 67.63% of desktop users as of January 2020 – slightly more than the same period last year.

Edge, meanwhile, is only fourth on the list – behind Firefox and Internet Explorer.

The Chromium version of Edge was only officially launched last month, however, meaning these figures could change significantly in the coming months.

Microsoft said Chromium Edge offers “world-class compatibility and performance” with enhanced security and privacy features, and claimed it is the “only browser optimised for Windows 10”.

It also continues to support the streaming of Netflix content in 4K – a feature which sets it apart from competitors like Chrome and Firefox.

Microsoft reportedly plans on slowly rolling out this new version of Edge as a replacement for its current, non-Chromium built-in browser.

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Google warns Chromium Edge users to switch to Chrome