Facebook rolls out dark mode for mobile

Facebook has started rolling out dark mode for its mobile app, according to a report from SocialMediaToday.

This followed users of the app claiming they were able to switch to the feature on devices running iOS 13.

Screenshots posted by Twitter user @NotFriday Craig purportedly showed the app running in dark mode, with the option to enable the feature available under Settings.

Facebook confirmed to SocialMediaToday that dark mode is now available to a small percentage of Facebook app users around the world.

The feature has already been launched on the company’s other mobile apps, including Facebook Lite, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

The company previously rolled out the feature alongside its redesigned desktop Facebook site to a limited number of users in January 2020.

On 8 May, it announced that the new site and dark mode was available to all users globally.

Below are screenshots of the Facebook app’s dark mode as shared [email protected]

Dark mode’s benefits

Conventional light display modes primarily use white or lighter backgrounds with dark text, while dark modes invert this.

Twitter added its first version of dark mode all the way back in 2016, while Google recently added the feature to its mobile app and latest mobile OS – Android 10.

Dark mode’s benefits stretch beyond a visual aesthetic which might be preferable to certain users.

It lowers screen glare, which minimises flickering and blue light, thereby reducing eye strain, particularly when using devices at night or in low-lit locations.

Additionally, it can help save battery on devices which use OLED panels – including Samsung’s AMOLED and Apple’s XDR displays.

This is because individual pixels in these panels can be turned off when certain parts of an image are black.

Therefore, the darker the display, the lower the required power and the less battery power will be consumed.

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Facebook rolls out dark mode for mobile