Microsoft Edge now lets you switch between work and personal profiles

Microsoft Edge, the default browser for Windows 10, is getting several new features in its bid to take on Google Chrome.

Included among these new features is the ability to switch between profiles when clicking on links.

This will be an automatic process where your browser determines which of your profiles is most appropriate to use when viewing this link.

For example, if you are viewing work-related pages, your work profile would be used, whereas if you switch to watching Netflix, the browser would automatically suggest that you switch to using your personal profile.

“With Automatic Profile Switching, Microsoft Edge opens the link in the correct profile saving you the time and hassle of re-entering credentials,” said Microsoft.

“Links that need work credentials open in your work profile, and links that need personal credentials open in your personal profile—it’s that simple and is available now.”

Automatic profile switching is available within the new ‘Multiple profile preferences’ sub-section of the Profiles page within Settings.

Other features

Microsoft is also adding new PDF-related features to the browser, including the ability to listen to PDF files, as well as new file editing features.

Translations within Microsoft Edge are also being improved, with support for 54 languages now available.

Mobile users on both Android and iOS will also get access to the popular Collections feature, which was previously exclusive to the desktop version of the browser.

“Collections allows you to easily collect and organize content from across the web,” Microsoft said.

“Now you can access, add and organize Collections on your mobile device—pull up a recipe you saved while cooking or access an internal work site you saved on the go.”

The desktop version of Microsoft Edge will also be getting a new Collection feature which allows users to right-click on an existing item in their Collections and add notes.

The GIF below shows the new Automatic Profile Switching feature in action.

Microsoft Edge Work and personal profiles

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Microsoft Edge now lets you switch between work and personal profiles