New battery-saving feature for Google Chrome

Google is testing a new feature that will let websites recommend ways Chrome can reduce battery usage when accessing them, The Windows Club reports.

This Battery-Savings Meta Tag feature is particularly relevant for video streaming and video conferencing websites and will allow users to reduce their CPU usage.

An explainer on GitHub detailed that the feature would align with the battery saving features on modern operating systems.

“Most modern OSes also have battery saving features that kick in either when the battery is low or the user wishes to save battery,” said Github user Chrishtr.

“Ideally web sites should be able to respect these settings. Sites may wish to advise the UA on which strategies work best for the site in these situations.”

An example of how sites could implement battery-saving measures is by informing Chrome that it can run non-essential javascript tasks at a slower speed than would usually be the case.

“Examples of such tasks might including third-party ads setup or incremental pre-rendering setup of offscreen content,” said Christhtr.

The Battery-Savings Meta Tag feature is currently available for testing through Origin Trial.

Google will reportedly experiment with this feature on Chrome V86 and v87.

Chrome battery-saving measures

This is not the first recent attempt by Google to reduce battery consumption on laptops and mobile devices.

The Windows Club recently reported that Google has recently experimented with a prototype of Chrome that limits JavaScript timer wake-ups to one per minute.

One test, where Google opened 36 random tabs in the background of Chrome, found that throttling Javascript timers extended the battery life by 28% – or almost two hours.

A second test substituted the blank foreground tab used in the first test, with a YouTube video in fullscreen mode.

The gains were less significant in this instance, but battery life was still increased by 13% – or around 36 minutes.

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New battery-saving feature for Google Chrome