Complaint against Julius Malema’s Twitter comments about Clicks dismissed

Twitter has dismissed a complaint against EFF leader Julius Malema for a comment which said: “@Clicks_SA see you tomorrow. Fellow fighters and ground forces; ATTACK!!”.

On Sunday, the EFF called for the closure of all Clicks stores in South Africa “in light of their unrepentant and perverse racism”.

It said Clicks participated in the public dehumanising of black people through an advert which presented the hair of black women as “damaged” in comparison to the hair of white women which was described as normal, fine, and flat.

“The implications of this are that black identity exists as inferior to the identity of white people,” the EFF said.

“It is an assertion that white standards of beauty are to be aspired to and the features of black people represent damage, decay, and abnormality. This characterisation is the founding stone of anti-black racism, and the EFF will not tolerate it.”

The EFF said it has written to Clicks with direct demands to “remedy their racist act and given them a 24-hour deadline to respond”.

“Their response to our letter was nothing short of condescending and revealed a lack of remorse for their attack on the dignity of black people,” the party said.

The EFF subsequently called on all Clicks branches to close, stating that they must only reopen on Saturday 12 September.

“This is because we are of the view that they are not genuine with their apology and the only way to make capitalists apologise and feel genuine remorse is for them to lose money,” it said.

“If Clicks does not close, our members in all the branches will shut down all 880 Clicks outlets across the country from Monday 7 September 2020 to Friday 11 September 2020.”

Twitter complaint

On Sunday, Malema called on EFF members to mobilise against Clicks to ensure stores are closed.

Two of his messages, listed below, resulted in complaints against his Twitter account.

@Clicks_SA see you tomorrow. Fellow fighters and ground forces; ATTACK!!

If they want war give it to them including any land lord of any mall who refuses you entrance. No one must disrespect black people after 2013 without any consequences, if it means death so be it. We are ready for the ultimate sacrifice in defense of black people. #EFFMustRise

Twitter, however, dismissed this complaint and has therefore not taken action against Malema.

“We have investigated the reported content and could not identify any violations of the Twitter rules or German law,” the company said.

Julius Malema complaint ruling

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Complaint against Julius Malema’s Twitter comments about Clicks dismissed