SABC TV Licence website hacked

The SABC’s TV Licence website has been compromised and is redirecting visitors to phishing websites.

Upon visiting the website, which functions as a resource for TV licence holders to pay their bills and learn about the possible methods of doing so, a pop-up appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

The content of this pop-up can vary and is designed to incite the user to click on it.

Clicking anywhere upon visiting the TV licence website when this malicious script is active, however, will redirect you to one of many phishing websites designed to trick South Africans into parting with their private information.

These websites pose as legitimate domains and include attractive offers to trick customers into divulging their login credentials for retail or banking platforms.

It should be noted that the phishing elements do not appear regularly, and when they are not present, the SABC TV licence website functions as normal.

MyBroadband navigated to the website from multiple devices and browsers and found that we were able to replicate the issue in all cases.

The SABC TV Licence website also includes a Competition banner that redirects to “” – a website without a valid security certificate that offers R500,000 in prizes as a giveaway for playing a number of gambling games.

It is unclear whether this is a result of the SABC’s website being compromised or a legitimate competition.

We contacted the SABC for comment, but the public broadcaster did not immediately provide feedback to our queries.

The malicious redirect scripts were still active at the time of writing, and users are encouraged to avoid interacting with the “” domain until the issue is resolved.

It should be noted that the “” website is also reported to be affected, as shown in videos sent to MyBroadband by JHNet Web Development CEO Beni Angel that detail the security issue.

Screenshots and videos of the compromised SABC websites are shown below.


SABC TV Licence website screenshot
SABC TV Licence website screenshot 1

SABC Website hacked

SABC TV Licence Website hacked

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SABC TV Licence website hacked