Most expensive products on Takealot — including artwork by Mandela for R450,000

Artworks, academic books, encyclopedias, road marking pumps, jewellery, and Persian rugs are among the most expensive products you can buy on Takealot right now.

As South Africa’s most popular online store, Takealot offers thousands of products across a wide range of categories from numerous sellers.

MyBroadband recently decided to browse the store to see if we can locate the most expensive products you can buy.

We initially expected this to be some piece of tech, like an elaborate sound system or TV, given that the high-end versions of these devices tend to be very expensive.

Our findings were surprising.

According to the search results, the most expensive product you can buy on Takealot was a set of five drawings by former president Nelson Mandela.

The Mandela Lithograph Series II 212/350 was priced at R450,000 during our visit, which was apparently 24% off its regular price tag of R595,000.

Bluesky Distributors, the company selling the lithographs via Takealot, states that the item will come with signature verification from Cecil Greenfield, a well-known signature expert in the South African art world.

The presence of this lithograph on Takealot was curious, though, given that these types of items are typically sold at major auctions or through prestigious galleries.

MyBroadband spoke with world-renowned artist Gavin Rain, who explained that you would usually want the certificate of authenticity validated for an item like this before you buy it.

“What you buy with lithographs is the signature,” Rain told MyBroadband.

Rain explained that the prints themselves hold almost no value. The fact that each one was signed by Mandela is what commands the high price tags on items like these.

However, Rain also said that selling the lithograph on Takealot was unusual as the print and the certificate of authenticity for artworks over R100,000 are usually shipped separately. This is so that if the artwork is stolen, the thief doesn’t also have the certificate.

Following this listing, academic books and encyclopedias accounted for most of the expensive products in the top 50 results.

Both the second and third most expensive products were Landolt-Börnstein books, which offer property data in materials science.

The Phase Diagrams and Physical Properties of Nonequilibrium Alloys volume was priced at R290,659, down from R323,378.

It should be noted that the same book was priced at just over R144,000 on Amazon, with shipping included.

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Data volume on Takealot will set you back R278,999, a discount of more than R30,000 on its regular price of R310,402.

The fourth most expensive item was another book, but this time it came in digital form. At least with this one, you won’t have to worry about it getting lost on its way to you.

The eBook version of International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavorial Sciences goes for R261,169.

It consists of more than 26 volumes with a total of around 17,500 pages, which might explain its hefty price tag.

The other major category which was well represented well among the most expensive products was jewellery.

Various diamond bracelets and earrings were available at more than R150,000, topped by an 18 carat tennis bracelet with 10 carat round brilliant cut diamonds priced at R207,822.

For those frustrated with municipalities that don’t paint clear markings on their local roads, Wagner is selling the Linecoat 840 Road Marking Pump at R239,717.

The most expensive pieces of tech were the Monitor Audio Silver 300 System Speaker Package at R131,780 and Hisense 100-inch 4K Laser TV projector, which carried a price tag of R127,699.

Hisense Laser TV

Top 15 most expensive products

Below are the top 15 most expensive products you could buy on Takealot as of Wednesday 9 June 2021.

Where more than one version or different types of the same product was found, they were compiled under a single item.

For example, there were actually 12 Landolt-Börnstein books among the top 15 most expensive products, but only the most expensive one is shown in our list.

Mandela Lithograph Series II 212/3650 Set of 5 – R450,000

Landolt-Börnstein books – Up to R290,659

International Encyclopaedia of the Social and Behavorial Sciences eBook – R261,169

Wagner Linecoat 840 Road Marking Pump – R239,717

Wagner Road Marking Pump

Various jewellery – Up to R207,822

Bravilor Esprecious 11L Espresso Machine – R181,995

Bravilor Esprecious 11L

5,000 x Blue Surgical Protective gowns – R179,000

Roy Szweda market study books – Up to R152,425

Comprehensive Toxicology eBook – R146,295

Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science – R145,329

Persian Keshan Carpet – R139,000

Encyclopedia of Human Geography (eBook) – R135,229

Monitor Audio Silver 300 System Speaker Package – R131,780

Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia – R128,445

Hisense 100-inch Smart Laser TV – R127,699

Hisense 100-inch

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Most expensive products on Takealot — including artwork by Mandela for R450,000