Biggest South African websites: December 2011

The December 2011 DMMA/Effective Measure statistics have been released, revealing that News24 continues to dominate the South African website environment.

According to the Effective Measure statistics, News24 attracted a total of 2,241,636 unique monthly visitors in December, edging out Vodacom’s Vodafone Live portal which attracted 2,224,367 unique browsers.

When it came to local-only traffic (as opposed to total traffic listed above which includes international visitors), Vodafone Live reigned supreme with 2,224,135 unique browsers, followed by News24 with 1,619,635 unique visitors and IOL with 874,525 browsers.

South Africa’s mobile web is dominated by three mobile websites: Vodafone Live (by Vodacom), News24 Mobi and Supersport Mobile.

The following table provides a list of the top websites in South Africa, ranked according to the Effective Measure December 2011 statistics.

Total website traffic SA website traffic
News24 2,241,636 Vodafone live portal 2,224,135
Vodafone live portal 2,224,367 News24 1,609,647
IOL 1,566,901 IOL 865,675
Howzit.MSN 1,015,441 Howzit.MSN 863,284
News24 mobile 924,340 News24 mobile 543,547
MyBroadband 882,642 JunkMail 536,487
TimesLive 855,613 Vodacom 495,660
JunkMail 705,808 MWEB 469,751
Supersport mobile 676,982 Sport24 463,974
Supersport 674,728 MyBroadband 447,129
Top SA mobile websites
 Name Unique browsers Page views 924,340 20,258,930 676,982 15,343,337 226,765 7,182,060 200,248 1,655,320
Sport24 – WAP 197,711 2,372,343

Alexa rankings

Not all local websites are registered with the DMMA and hence, not all run Effective Measure’s code. Some of the country’s largest websites are therefore not listed in the rankings in the table above.

A service which helps to ascertain which websites South African users visit the most is Alexa. To rank websites Alexa trusts on statistics from their community of Alexa Toolbar users where data is collected and sent to Alexa for processing.

It should be noted that Alexa only provides a rough estimate of website traffic and rank, and is not as accurate or trusted as Effective Measure’s statistics.

The following table provides an overview of the most popular websites among South African Internet users who have the Alexa toolbar installed.

Top Sites in South Africa: Alexa
Rank All websites SA websites
1 BidorBuy
2 Facebook Gumtree
3 News24
4 YouTube FNB
5 Yahoo! Standard Bank
6 BidorBuy ABSA
7 Gumtree IOL
8 Wikipedia
9 News24 Groupon
10 FNB MyBroadband

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Biggest South African websites: December 2011