Piracy is the solution not the problem: KasiMP3

KasiMP3 is a new music download and streaming service run by Clarence “Majesa” Mapaya, which aims to offer users free music while still paying artists and labels the royalties.

Mapaya explained that the idea was to present fans with advertising on the site and share the proceeds with artists and recording labels.

“Piracy claims approximately 95% of online music downloads,” Mapaya said, “meaning 1 out of 20 downloads is legal & the rest are pirated.”

The only challenge then, Mapaya continued, was to find a way for the advertiser to pay enough for the artists to receive the profit of 1 download by giving away 20 for free.

Unfortunately, advertising systems like AD Dynamo and Google AdSense don’t pay enough per ad impression to cover the R3-R5 artists and labels expect to receive in royalties for online music downloads, Mapaya said.

To overcome this hurdle, KasiMP3 requires a minimum of 5,000 downloads before a payout is made to an artist or label.

Mapaya said that this reduces the number of times an artist or recording label would need to send him an invoice and ensures that there will be more money available when they eventually do.

Clarence "Majesa" Mapaya
Clarence "Majesa" Mapaya

KasiMP3 isn’t the only content service in South Africa to launch with the idea of sharing the advertising proceeds.

Bozza, a content marketplace aimed at mobile users, offers artists a 50/50 share of the advertising revenue earned on their content.

In addition to the platforms they target, KasiMP3 also differs from Bozza in the way it handles uploads.

For the moment, Bozza vets content creators before giving them a channel to which they can upload their music, videos, poetry and other art.

KasiMP3 lets any user upload MP3 audio files.

Mapaya said that only copyright holders have the right to upload music, but unfortunately just like YouTube and MP3twit there is no way of differentiating between an independent artist and someone uploading music that doesn’t belong to them.

“More work will be put into monitoring and reporting features for the recording labels to find copyright infringers,” Mapaya said. “We are also working on a royalty management layer for the writers & composers to be fairly compensated for their work.”

KasiMP3 was launched earlier this month at http://www.kasimp3.co.za and according to Mapaya, has over 900 registered music artists and labels from all around the world.

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Piracy is the solution not the problem: KasiMP3