YouTube clamps down on comment spam and fake accounts

YouTube has added a new setting for creators to help them reduce the number of spammers and impersonators swindling their subscribers.

Major YouTube channels like MKBHD and Jacksepticeye have recently complained about how difficult they find dealing with the volume of fake accounts impersonating them in the comments under their videos.

These impersonators often make big promises of free payouts or offer fake competitions to viewers and use the publicly available information of the actual creator to convince their victims.

Through social engineering, they can defraud these viewers or abuse their trust in various ways.

Viewers often make the mistake of thinking that the actual channel or creator wronged them.

The new “increase strictness” option in YouTube Studio seeks to improve the existing “hold potentially inappropriate comments for review”  setting.

“Choosing to turn on this setting will use a stricter threshold when detecting potentially inappropriate content in comments across your channel,” YouTube explained.

The setting is available under the Default tab of the Community section within YouTube Studio settings.

No more hidden subscriber numbers

YouTube is also removing another feature that impersonators abused to make them appear more legitimate to their victims.

From 29 July, it will no longer be possible for channels to hide their subscriber counters.

According to YouTube, impersonators commonly use this method to hide their identities.

These accounts will often have much lower subscriber numbers than the official accounts — a clear indication to YouTube users that they are not dealing with the real deal.

YouTube will also reduce the character set people can use when updating a channel’s name.

That will hopefully limit bad actors’ ability to slightly modify names while keeping them similar to the official channels.

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YouTube clamps down on comment spam and fake accounts