Top websites hosted in Africa: Pingdom

South Africa and Egypt together account for 80 of the top 100 websites hosted in Africa, according to a recent report from Pingdom, a company that focuses on uptime monitoring.

However, although 34 countries in Africa host one or more sites that rank in the top million globally, only 2,670 (or 0.27%) of the world’s top million sites are hosted in Africa.

Of these, South African accounts for over 69% (1,852) of the sites in the top million, with Egypt in second place at over 10% (276).

Out of the world’s top 10,000 sites, only 33 are hosted in Africa, and among the top 100,000 sites, 250 are hosted in Africa.

Pingdom explained that the data was collected from 6–8 June 2012, with a script developed in-house that scanned 945,472 out of Alexa’s top 1 million sites. The remaining sites failed for various reasons.

The top 100 sites hosted in Africa were identified and each of those sites were checked again before publication, Pingdom said.

In the blog post detailing their results, Pingdom pointed out that web hosting is a “constantly moving target” and the location from where a particular site is hosted may have changed by the time of publication.

The following graph from Pingdom shows the breakdown of where you can find the top 100 sites hosted in Africa.

Top 100 websites hosted in Africa (countries) - Pingdom
Top 100 websites hosted in Africa (countries) - Pingdom

A subset of Pingdom’s table of the top 100 websites hosted in Africa is reproduced below, showing the top 20. The full table can be found on the “Royal Pingdom” blog.

Top 20 websites hosted in Africa according to Pingdom
Rank Alexa rank URL Country
1 646 Egypt
2 968 Egypt
3 1321 South Africa
4 1339 South Africa
5 1867 Egypt
6 2076 South Africa
7 2359 South Africa
8 2436 Seychelles
9 2841 South Africa
10 3087 Seychelles
11 3151 Seychelles
12 3252 South Africa
13 3772 Egypt
14 4675 South Africa
15 4869 Seychelles
16 4937 Egypt
17 5485 South Africa
18 5718 South Africa
19 6287 South Africa
20 6766 South Africa

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Top websites hosted in Africa: Pingdom