Email spam continues to decline

A recent report from Kaspersky Lab highlighted the continual and gradual decline of email spam in June.

The proportion of spam in email traffic has declined by two percent, averaging 71.9% for the month, but at the same time, spammers have found new ways of attacking systems.

The start of the European holiday season saw spam emails mimicking that of hotel reservation confirmations. The fake emails added a malicious “confirmation” attachment for users to download.

Malicious photos have also become prevalent in spam emails, attached in zip format.

Spammers also exploited the Euro 2012 football event by sending fake emails regarding buying tickets and renting accommodation by the stadiums.

Despite the new spamming methods, the proportion of spam emails has fallen since the busy holiday season.

“The proportion of spam in total mail traffic continued to fall for the second month in a row. A drop of 2-3 percentage points may not sound very much, however it could signal some major changes are taking place,” said Maria Namestnikova, senior spam analyst at Kaspersky Lab.

“Summer is a quiet season in terms of business activity, when the amount of spam falls together with the overall volume of email traffic. That’s why only a significant decrease in the volume of unsolicited emails will lead to such a noticeable drop in the proportion of spam in overall mail traffic.”

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Email spam continues to decline