The 10 most downloaded torrents

With global internet speeds and caps steadily increasing, downloading television shows and movies is at an all time high.

Below are last week’s (5 January – 11 January) most downloaded movies and TV shows taken from a representative sample of BitTorrent sites. The list is supplied by Torrentfreak.

Most downloaded TV shows

1.    Heroes
2.    Prison Break
3.    Dexter
4.    Californication
5.    Gossip Girl
6.    House MD
7.    Stargate Atlantis
8.    Terminator: The Sarah Connor chronicles
9.    Grey’s Anatomy
10.   Desperate Houswives

Most downloaded movies

1.    RocknRolla
2.    Max Payne
3.    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
4.    Igor
5.    Saw V
6.    City of Ember
7.    Defiance
8.    Bolt
9.    Seven Pounds
10.   The Wrestler

This list of most downloaded content is a strong indication that the battle between the torrent websites and services and the content owners are likely to continue for some time.

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The 10 most downloaded torrents