Lower prices and faster downloads, NAPAfrica promises

Teraco’s free and public peering facility, NAPAfrica, announced open access for peering members to major international content providers, in a press release issued today (27 November 2012).

“The addition of these content giants to NAPAfrica means that local users can access international content from a local node,“ said Lex van Wyk, managing director of Teraco Data Environments. “This will dramatically reduce transit costs and download speeds for African internet users.”

A Teraco spokesperson said that they can confirm that Akamai and FNB are among the content providers that will be available.

This announcement comes after NAPAfrica said that it has reached 1Gbps in multi-lateral peering traffic five months after it launched.

“We have seen a dramatic spike in growth with the addition of this content,” said van Wyk.

According to Teraco, the exchange is now one of the largest multi-lateral peering exchanges in Africa, focusing not only on local Internet Service Providers (ISPs), but on large content providers, carriers and enterprises (both local and international) to service the whole of Africa.

Lex van Wyk
Lex van Wyk

Akamai, a well-known international content delivery network, said that it strongly believes in the Internet exchange model, and spokesperson Christian Kaufmann explained that they use many of the globe’s Internet exchanges.

“Working with a major IX of a region, gives us the opportunity to peer with multiple networks at the same time. This allows us to save transit costs and even more important brings our content closer to the end user and so largely improves the user experience,” Kaufmann said.

Van Wyk said that through open peering, users of ISPs that are present at NAPAfrica will notice the dramatic increase in speed to access applications such as Facebook, YouTube, Google and Microsoft Updates, as a few examples.

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Lower prices and faster downloads, NAPAfrica promises