The cheapest online shops in SA

The iPod has become something of a benchmarking tool after the Australian bank Commonwealth Securities launched an iPod index, using the iPod Nano music player as a currency value indicator. This is similar to the well-known Economist’s Big Mac index.

With a fairly standard price in regions such as South Africa for iPod products, it raises the question as to where in South Africa consumers will find the cheapest price for the 8 gigabyte iPod Nano.

The benchmark for iPod pricing is set by South Africa’s online Apple shop, ZAStore. The ZAStore currently charges R2099 for an iPod Nano 8GB, the same price found in many brick-and-mortar shops., one of South Africa’s largest online retailers, currently has a sale on iPods, skewing its results a little. The standard price for an 8GB iPod Nano is R2099.95, but the special offer means that most of these music players now cost R1999.95, with the blue model being slightly cheaper at R1949.95.

At Take2 the price of a silver 8GB iPod nano is R2098, lower than the R2298 it charges for the same product in other colours like blue or pink.

DigitalPlanet charges R 2118 for a blue 8GB iPod nano, slightly higher than the going rate at other prominent online stores.  

A less well known store, ShopandShip, priced the iPod Nano 8GB at R2079, somewhat lower than the standard going rate. Nashua Electronics on the other hand is more expensive than most other retailers at R2299 for the device.

Online versus brick-and-mortar shops
It is clear that most online shops fall within a similar pricing range when it comes to the iPod nano. Another interesting question is how online pricing compares to traditional retailers such as Makro, Incredible Connection and Hi-Fi Corporation.

Incredible Connection charges R2099.95 for its 8GB iPod Nano music players while the same product will cost R2099 at Makro. These prices are similar to the standard pricing at ZAStore and  

Hi-Fi Corporation’s price of R2299.99 for this device is, however, significantly higher than most of the online stores.

It should however be noted that shipping costs are not included in most of the prices quoted for the online stores, and so the buyer will typically have to add another R50 for a door-to-door courier service. The comfort of shopping from your home may however be seen as compensation for this additional charge.

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The cheapest online shops in SA