Seacom downtime impact clearly illustrated

Akamai released its Q1 2013 State of the Internet Report, illustrating that impact that Seacom‘s March 2013 downtime had on Internet usage in some regions.

Akamai’s State of the Internet Report gathers data from the Akamai Intelligent Platform, and provides insight into key global statistics, including connection speeds, attack traffic, and network connectivity and availability.

The report included information on “Internet Events and Disruptions” which occurred during the reporting period.

One of the biggest Internet disruptions in Africa was caused by Seacom’s downtime. On March 22 2013 Seacom experienced a number of cable cuts off the northern coast of Africa, which affected Internet connectivity to countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

The following graph illustrates the impact of the cuts on HTTP traffic levels from the Akamai Intelligent Platform to users in Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Tanzania — three countries that use the cable for international Internet connectivity.

Seacom downtime and Ethiopia
Seacom downtime and Ethiopia
Seacom downtime and Mozambique
Seacom downtime and Mozambique
Seacom and Tanzania
Seacom downtime and Tanzania

As shown in the graphs, ahead of the cuts, traffic patterns in all three countries appeared to be following a daily cycle similar to the ones seen in prior days.

However, when the cuts occurred, Akamai traffic to all three countries dropped sharply, though it did not disappear completely.

Traffic levels remained much lower than expected in the hours following the event, at about two-thirds of expected levels in Ethiopia and Mozambique, but just one third in Tanzania.

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Seacom downtime impact clearly illustrated