YouTube blocks MIT OpenCourseWare and Blender videos

YouTube has blocked the videos published by MIT on its OpenCourseWare channel, TorrentFreak reported.

Blender, the open source 3D software tool, has also reported that its videos have been blocked.

When visiting the channels, viewers receive a notice that the videos belong to the respective copyright owner – MIT and Blender – and are not available in their country.

YouTube uses an automated system called Content ID to police its platform for the use of copyrighted works.

Copyright owners may then choose what to do with videos by YouTube creators which repurpose their work. This includes running ads to generate money for them on the video, geographical blocking of the video, or taking it down.

Content ID has been a source of frustration for many video creators on YouTube, however, as users have abused the system to take down videos when they didn’t necessarily have the legal right to do so.

YouTube told TorrentFreak it is working to resolve this.

“Videos on a limited number of sites have been blocked as we updated our partner agreements. We are working with MITOpenCourseWare and Blender Foundation to get their videos back online,” said YouTube.

Blender YouTube channel copyright takedown

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YouTube blocks MIT OpenCourseWare and Blender videos