The investments you should have made at the start of 2019

Hindsight is a perfect science and its application allows us to see the great and terrible decisions we have made.

Investing is one of the fields where this is done the most, and investors are only too happy to tell anyone who will listen that they “were just about to buy” Google shares when it listed, but then had to pay for their child’s school trip instead.

In the first three months of 2019, there have been some big gainers and losers in the equities market.

Those who picked the winners are smiling, while those who backed the wrong companies have either consolidated their losses or are planning an exit strategy.

To see which investments at the start of 2019 would have produced good returns for their owners today, we looked at shares that have shown strong growth in the past quarter.

We also compared them against the “flat” Bitcoin and Ethereum prices, and stocks which have taken a sharp dive in the past three months.

Naspers – 16% up

Naspers is up over 16% in the past three months, moving from below R2,890 at the start of 2019 to R3,373 at the time of writing.

Naspers shareholders also received MultiChoice Group shares as part of an unbundling process earlier this year, with MultiChoice shares going from R95 to R120 at the time of writing.

Telkom – 16% up

Despite forums and social media being awash with complaints about Telkom’s services, the company’s share price has grown by 16.4% this year.

Telkom’s share price was sitting at just over R73 at the time of writing – which is up from just over R52 a year ago.

Aurora Cannabis – Up 72%

Aurora Cannabis, as the name suggests, is all about weed.

The company is based in Canada and listed on the NYSE. While the cannabis industry has many legal question marks hanging over it, and the shares of cannabis-focused companies have fluctuated wildly in recent years, Aurora Cannabis has gone from $5.24 at the start of 2019 to $9.05 at the end of March.

This is a 72% climb.

Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin and Ethereum were previously the investments of choice thanks to their astronomical growth in recent years, but today they are far more subdued.

Bitcoin had a good month in March, however, which largely contributed to its 10% growth from the start of 2019 until now – moving from $3,700 to $4,080.

Ethereum is relatively flat, moving from $133 on 1 January to $140 today.

The bullets you dodged

It was not all sunshine and roses on the JSE this year, particularly for the likes of EOH and Blue Label Telecoms.

Blue Label is under pressure from the market after investing in Cell C – and its large debt burden. With no signs of rapid revenue or user growth for Cell C, investors subsequently moved away from Blue Label.

EOH has also suffered of late, thanks to allegations that its subsidiaries are involved in questionable contracts with South African government departments.

EOH has stated that it is investigating allegations of wrongdoing at the company, but this has not stemmed the flow of sell orders.

Blue Label – 28% Down

EOH – 63% Down

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The investments you should have made at the start of 2019