Telkom cancellation nightmare – Blacklisted 1 year later

Telkom’s cancellation system remains a problem for many customers, with certain users still being incorrectly blacklisted by the company.

A MyBroadband reader stated that a Telkom account he had cancelled in 2018 came back to haunt him in 2020.

The Telkom customer ported his mobile number to another network on 5 June 2018, at which point he was fully paid up with Telkom and no longer had an active contract with them.

After the porting process was complete, the reader stopped paying Telkom and continued with his new mobile operator.

Debt collection calls

On 24 January 2019, however, the reader received a call from a debt collection agency stating that he had been handed over to them by Telkom for not paying his account.

The reader received another call on 6 February asking him to pay, despite him sending Telkom and the debt collection agency a receipt of his number porting confirmation.

He then proceeded to contact Telkom’s support centre via email.

Support staff told the reader on 14 February 2019 that a dispute had been logged and that he would be notified when it was resolved.

This was the last the customer heard from Telkom’s support centre until almost a year later.


Upon approaching his bank in January 2020 for a student loan to pay for his daughter’s university fees, he was surprised to find that his loan application was denied.

He said his bank told him that he had a judgement against his name from Telkom. Upon contacting TransUnion, the credit bureau said Telkom had blacklisted him for not paying his account for almost two years.

He was told that he had to get a letter from Telkom showing that his account was paid up to solve the issue.

The reader made contact with Telkom’s support staff once again, this time over online chat, and was told that he would be contacted by email.

When speaking to the support agent, he was told he would not be supplied with a reference number for this query.

Cancellation process

Telkom has measures in place to deal with non-payment from contract customers, one of which is to blacklist a customer with the credit bureaus if they have not paid their monthly instalments.

In recent years, Telkom has attracted a number of complaints regarding its cancellation systems – with many customers complaining that they were not able to cancel their Telkom product.

Telkom’s system continued to bill customers who had cancelled their accounts and if they did not pay, it automatically blacklisted them.

In 2019, Telkom said it had refined its blacklisting process to give customers the benefit of the doubt.

“We added extra checks in the process to remove customers that potentially requested a cancellation from the list,” Telkom said.

“If we are not sure, customers receive the benefit of the doubt and are excluded.”

Telkom responds

MyBroadband asked Telkom for comment on this case, and the company said the customer’s account has been cleared and he does not have any outstanding balance.

“Customer service was cancelled as requested in 2018 and the customer was last billed in 2018.”

“Credits were passed in February 2019 to clear the account,” Telkom said. “The account has been cleared and the customer does not have any outstanding balance.”

The company said this case has now been resolved.

“Additionally, the cancellation process has been fixed and any issues that may slip through the process will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.”

Telkom customers with similar complaints can use the cancellation contact details below to get support:

Name still not cleared

Despite Telkom stating that the issue has been resolved, the affected reader told MyBroadband that he was still experiencing problems.

The reader told MyBroadband that contrary to Telkom’s statement, his name has still not been cleared with the credit bureau.

He said he has been unable to elicit a letter from Telkom stating that his account is paid up and closed so that he can clear his credit record at TransUnion.

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Telkom cancellation nightmare – Blacklisted 1 year later