Checkers vs Uber Eats – Food price showdown

Uber Eats recently announced it will continue to deliver food and other essential items during the national lockdown.

Pharmacies are listed on the Uber Eats app, alongside butcheries, convenience stores, and food stores.

This places Uber Eats in competition with Checkers Sixty60, the food delivery app which allows customers to buy items from Checkers using their smartphone – and have them delivered within 60 minutes.

Checkers Sixty60 does not charge customers for delivery, while Uber Eats said that for the duration of the lockdown, no delivery charge will be incurred on orders over R50.

We compared the prices of food items from each delivery app, to determine which offered the cheapest service during the lockdown, below.

Uber Eats essential goods

Platform differences

It is important to note that while Checkers Sixty60 offers a variety of products, you must shop from a Checkers store.

Uber Eats, however, is a platform which lets multiple stores and restaurants list their product ranges on.

We compared the pricing for selected food items which were available on both apps, using a location in Johannesburg as the delivery point.

The stores available on Uber Eats included a “Fast and Convenient Store” and Woolworths, as well as a Medicare pharmacy. Restaurants such as Krunch and Momo & O were also listed, although they provided specialised meal kits and other products which could not be compared to Checkers products.

We compared the same brands of product where available, although it should be noted that Woolworths does not list the brand names of products within its Uber Eats menu.

In this case, we compared the cheapest products available on each platform.

The results of the comparison are shown in the table below.

Product Uber Eats Checkers Sixty60
Liqui-Fruit 1L R40.00 (Fast and Convenient Store) R24.99
Bakers Tennis Biscuits 200g R30.00 (Fast and Convenient Store) R16.99
Red Bull 250ml R25.00 (Fast and Convenient Store) R15.99
Low Fat Milk 1L R23.09 (Woolworths) R22.99
Nescafe Gold Instant Coffee 200g R113.29 (Woolworths) R84.99
2-Ply Toilet Paper – 18 Pack R119.99 (Woolworths) R114.99
Cadbury Milk Chocolate Slab 80g R28.00 (Fast and Convenient Store) R15.99
Pringles Original 110g R38.00 (Fast and Convenient Store) R22.99
Fish fingers – 32 portions R91.29 (Woolworths) R68.99
White Bread – 1 loaf R17.77 (Woolworths) R12.99

Checkers is cheaper

Ordering from Checkers Sixty60 was cheaper cross all the products we compared, with both food stores listed on the Uber Eats app in our area being more expensive.

Woolworths was slightly more expensive than Checkers, while the Fast and Convenient Store was significantly more expensive.

It is important to note that stores can set their own prices in the Uber Eats app, while Checkers stores offer the same pricing as buying the products in-store.

Interestingly, a number of restaurants on Uber Eats have remained open – now offering frozen meals, fresh juices, groceries, and healthy meal kits for the duration of the lockdown.

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Checkers vs Uber Eats – Food price showdown