Google Play Music will shut down this year – How to save your music

Google Play Music is expected to shut down by the end of the year, and users will need to migrate their library to YouTube Music to retain access to their collection of songs.

Migrating your Google Play Music library to YouTube Music is now much easier, however, as Google has launched a new transition tool which will allow Google Play Music users to quickly and easily move their library over to the new platform.

“Over the past few years, we have enhanced YouTube Music to deliver a comprehensive listening experience, and have also added features to make Google Play Music users feel right at home,” Google said.

“Starting today, we’re excited to officially begin inviting Google Play Music listeners to effortlessly transfer their music libraries, personal taste preferences and playlists to YouTube Music, their new home for music listening and discovery.”

Google said that users will continue to be able to access both services until Google Play Music is officially shut down, adding that it would provide “plenty of notice” ahead of users no longer having access to Google Play Music later this year.

The company added that Google Play Music users will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to transfer their full library to YouTube Music.

Once they are ready to begin migrating their content, they can follow the steps below to move their library across to the new application:

  • Download the YouTube Music app.
  • Click on the transfer button in YouTube Music.
  • Your uploads, purchases, added songs and albums, playlists, likes, curated stations, and other preferences will be migrated automatically.
  • Updated recommendations will appear immediately on the YouTube Music Home screen, and the service will notify users by email when their transfer is complete.

Google Play Music users can also transfer their podcast subscriptions to Google Podcasts by visiting Google’s dedicated podcast migration page.

YouTube Music vs Google Play Music

YouTube Music offers a number of features, including a catalogue of over 50 million tracks and personalised recommendations which change every day.

“We’ve listened to Google Play Music user feedback and recently introduced additional new features to YouTube Music for fans to enjoy,” Google said.

These new features include playlist creation, support for user-uploaded music, offline listening, lyrics, and a new Explore tab which makes it easier for users to discover new music.

The pricing for YouTube Music is the same as Google Play Music, and it also offers a free version with advertisements.

YouTube Music is priced at R59.99 per month in South Africa and offers a one-month free trial to new users.

Customers can also purchase a family plan to save money and share the same account with other users in the same household.

YouTube Music migration

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Google Play Music will shut down this year – How to save your music