South African websites flooded with traffic during lockdown

South Africans have increased their Internet usage during the lockdown, particularly during the day, according to local fibre ISPs.

This has resulted in local hosting providers seeing massive increases in traffic to their customers’ websites.

These hosting providers explained the local hosting trends they have experienced below.


1-grid says it has seen traffic numbers to websites it hosts increase in excess of 40% during the lockdown period.

Over the past two weeks, however, this growth has flattened.

“In the past two weeks we have seen visitor numbers stabilise, with volumes, for the most part, corresponding to those received during the peak growth periods of April and May,” said 1-grid.

It added that the pandemic has opened up opportunities for growth.

“As indicated in the pandemic, becoming competitive in the digital economy is essential,” said 1-grid.

“Therefore it is our mission is to focus on the positives and opportunities that COVID-19 has created for South Africa and continue to provide solutions for our customers – existing and non-existing.”

It added that despite the lockdown regulations, its operations have not been affected in a significantly negative way.

“The nature of our business generally means that the customer onboarding process requires minimal human intervention or interaction, so, fortunately, this hasn’t hampered the customer experience or our ability to provide services as expected,” said 1-grid.

“From a support perspective, we managed to facilitate work from home plans for all of our employees.”

1-grid Header said that it has witnessed about 25% growth across its hosting network during the lockdown period.

However, since it currently only uses around 5% of its provisioned network capacity, this increase has been dealt with easily.

The hosting provider also noted that while the relaxing of lockdown regulations has resulted in slightly decreased weekend and evening traffic, daytime traffic continues to increase steadily. said that its support team has also experienced a significant increase in activity during the lockdown period.

“As we have always made sure that our infrastructure is able to cater for an influx of visitors, we did not need to do anything to manage this,” said

“However, with regard to the additional support volumes, our teams have been fantastic and have risen to the challenge to ensure that we continually attain the support levels we strive for.” said that it has realised during the lockdown period that it needs to grow its team to cater to increased demand.

“As we could not bring on additional staff during the lockdown period, we are currently interviewing to grow with more support and sales individuals.”

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South African websites flooded with traffic during lockdown