These coding courses can net you a starting salary of up to R300,000

Jobseekers who complete one of the courses on offer from South African coding schools and bootcamps can expect to earn an annual salary as high as R300,000.

With the country’s dire shortage of tech and digital skills, the value of skilled professionals in the local market is evident.

CareerJunction’s latest research showed that software development was one of the most sought-after skills in South Africa, and many South Africans are noticing this demand, according to WeThinkCode.

It recently announced another round of 300 fully-sponsored learnerships for its NQF-5 programming course, a two-year full-time programme held at its Johannesburg and Cape Town campuses.

It said demand for this programme was enormous – having received 50,000 applications for it every year.

The reasons for this are apparent. According to WeThinkCode, it has a 98% rate of employment among its programming graduates, with an average starting salary of R240,000 per year, or R20,000 per month.

MyBroadband spoke to two other major coding bootcamps in South Africa – CodeSpace Academy and Code College – to learn more about their course content and prices, as well as how much successful graduates from each institution can expect to earn in their first job.

Employability and starting salaries

Code College claimed that 100% of its graduating students find jobs.

”We cannot produce enough graduates – there are always more employers waiting than we have graduates looking,” it stated.

Some of these are employed as early as before the courses are finished, although others could take up to six months to find a job, the institution said.

All of its students are automatically enrolled as Junior Development Interns at its recruitment and consulting partner Compuways once they are finished with their core learning portion.

This helps them to further hone their skills for employment.

Once employed, these graduates can earn up to R25,000 per month as a starting salary, or R300,000 per year.

Meanwhile, CodeSpace said that many of its students are able to start working within a month of graduating.

“Our graduates are able to get assistance from us in accessing a database of employers, which makes finding employment a lot easier,” CodeSpace stated. 

The table below shows the starting salaries the companies claimed their graduates typically earned.

Institution Monthly salaries
Code College R12,000 – R25,000
CodeSpace Interns: R6,000 – R12,000
After 1-3 years: R15,000 – R35,000
WeThinkCode R20,000

Course options and costs

CodeSpace offers courses in Software Development, Web Design, Web Development, Mobile Development, Back-end Development, and AWS Cloud Foundations.

“Our courses prepare students for industry accreditations from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services,” the school said. 

In addition, its courses carry credit for a BComm in Software Development for those students wishing to work towards a degree programme. 

These courses range in length from two weeks to nine months and are self-paced, so students can study part or full-time.

To help students get started and see if web and software development is for them, it also provides a two-week starter course called Intro to Web at R400.

This course is designed to help students decide if web and software development is their cup of tea.

There are no academic requirements or previous experience needed to take up a CodeSpace course, however.

CodeSpace’s other courses cost between R1,250 and R3,990 per month.

Code College provides three coding bootcamps, each of which trains students in several programming language (or frameworks).

These bootcamps and languages are as follows:

  • Java Bootcamp – React/Angular, Python, Java, Spring
  • Web Dev Bootcamp – React/Angular, Python
  • AI/Data Science Bootcamp – Python, React, Machine Learning, Data Science

For its Java and Web Dev Bootcamps, applicants do not require matric but must complete an introductory programming course.

For the AI/Data Science Bootcamp, the introductory course and pure maths in matric are needed.

“Our Bootcamps are very practical. Students experience them as task-oriented, almost like employment,” Code College explained.

The Java and AI/Data Science Bootcamps are 12-month courses and cost R75,000, while the Web Dev Bootcamp takes 6 months and is priced at R40,000.

Comparing courses

Aside from Code College, CodeSpace, and WeThinkCode, there are several other coding schools with various courses to choose from.

OfferZen – a recruitment platform which specifically helps tech candidates find jobs – has created a helpful summary of the various coding institutions and courses available in South Africa.

The table below shows a comparison of the courses on offer from 10 of the biggest coding schools in South Africa. Click on the image to enlarge it.

OfferZen coding bootcamps

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These coding courses can net you a starting salary of up to R300,000