Smart TV boxes with fake specifications sold on Takealot

Consumers shopping for smart TV boxes on Takealot should take note of products being advertised with fake specifications.

A bulk importer of smart TV boxes recently contacted MyBroadband to raise an issue around MXQ Pro 4K TV boxes being sold on the platform.

“I have extensive knowledge of what is sold in the industry when it comes to these OEM boxes,” the importer stated.

The said that no factory in China sold MXQ Pro TV boxes with 4GB or 8GB RAM, neither any with 32GB or 128GB storage.

“These do not exist and are not manufactured in any factory,” he said.

According to him, the MXQ Pro 4K ships with one of four processors – the H3 Allwinner, Rockchip RK 3229, Amlogic S905w, or Amlogic S905X.

He claimed that none of these chips supported more than 2GB RAM.

“All these CPUs are only produced in 1GB/8GB or 2GB/16GB motherboards,” he said.

Despite this, a number of the MXQ Pro 4K smart TV boxes sold on Takealot were being listed with either 4GB or even 8GB of RAM.

“The fact that an 8GB spec box actually exists is laughable but yet it is being sold on the Takealot platform,” the importer said.

“At this point, the customer is receiving falsely advertised goods from Takealot which makes it a scam,” he claimed.

He explained that these specifications were presented due to Chinese suppliers manipulating the firmware at the seller’s request, which results in the box showing the incorrect details in smart TV box apps like Kodi.

However, when using proper specification software, it would show the actual RAM as being far less than advertised.

“There are importers also trying to do the proper things and people like these just give the MXQ and other TV boxes a bad name to make a quick buck,” he said.

The importer provided MyBroadband with links to four listings he claimed showed false specifications on Takealot – with three models indicating 4GB RAM and 32GB storage, while one other was listed with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage.

These product listings can be seen below.




Takealot responds

MyBroadband contacted Takealot to ask whether it was aware of the issue.

The retailer told MyBroadband that the products highlighted by the complainant were being sold by multiple marketplace sellers across its platform, and was also listed by other online retailers with the same specifications.

“To their knowledge, the product specifications are correct,” Takealot stated. 

Takealot said that marketplace sellers listed their products on the Takealot platform themselves, while it provides them with the necessary tools and due diligence required to accurately manage their listings.

“We have a dedicated compliance team that continuously monitors the marketplace products being sold on our platform and when brought to our attention, we most certainly investigate any claims that suggest products aren’t what they purport to be.”

Datasheets tell a different story

Following these comments, MyBroadband looked for the official specification sheets of the three different types of processors being used in the MXQ Pro 4K.

In all three cases, the maximum amount of supported RAM was indicated as 2GB, exactly as noted by the importer who contacted MyBroadband.

The datasheets with the specifications can be found here:

We also consulted listings from international retailers including Amazon, Newegg, and even Wish.

All of the advertised models we found had either 1GB or 2GB RAM, paired with 8GB or 16GB storage.

While there is no official product listing or website for the MXQ Pro 4K itself, we could not find a single review on any tech news site which claimed models with 4GB or 8GB RAM existed.

According to the information available on the web, the standard MXQ Pro 4K model comes with 1GB RAM and 8GB storage, while an upgraded version with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage also existed.

MyBroadband again asked Takealot to comment on our findings.

The retailer said it would investigate further and provide a response as soon as it had reached an outcome.

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Smart TV boxes with fake specifications sold on Takealot