Top HR management software for South African businesses

With employees being one of the most important aspects of any business, companies often spend large sums of money managing their human resources (HR).

Several cloud-based human capital management (HCM) software packages are available to businesses in South Africa, with some of the best coming from, Oracle, Workday, QuickBooks, and Genesys.

Companies around the globe often spend significant amounts on HR staff and other HCM-related processes.

According to Gartner, most HR functions spend between $1,350 (R24,000) and $3,800 (R68,000) per employee each year.

To put this into perspective, a company with around 100 employees can spend between $135,000 (R2.4 million) and $380,000 (R6.8 million) yearly on HCM-related processes.

These cloud-based HR products help businesses reduce costs, improve data security, streamline payroll and talent management, and allow users to connect from anywhere.

They generally include core HR functionality, analytics, machine learning-powered skills development, and payroll solutions.

Some of the top HR management software packages available to South African businesses are listed below. work management’s work management software offers a range of benefits to help businesses, including the ability to view all HR-related processes and documents from a single dashboard.

It provides a detailed overview of inter-departmental human resources processes and a business’s recruitment workflow.

“View the entire hiring process in a high-level dashboard, from candidate to hire,” states.

The dashboard lets businesses manage and collaborate on HR documents, helping them centralise employee information. offers several subscription tiers for its work management software, ranging from free to $16 (R290) per seat per month.

It doesn’t provide pricing for its enterprise-level subscription and requests that interested companies contact its sales department.

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QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time is time management software that provides simple timesheets, mobile time tracking, customisable reports, and team management features.

The software supports integration with accounting and payroll systems to enable more efficient payroll and invoicing.

HR managers can approve worker times from anywhere through the QuickBooks Time app for Android and iOS, and the platform allows managers to track who’s working and what they’re working on.

QuickBooks says its time management software is relevant to all industries.

“Get time tracking software for construction, landscaping, home healthcare, and more. No matter how big or small,” it states.


Workday’s human resource management products use machine learning to suggest tasks and select and organise learning for employees.

It offers solutions for all types of workers, including full-time, part-time, hourly, contingent, and contract workers, while helping businesses get to grips with their employees’ needs.

Some of Workdays’ key human capital management features include:

  • Talent management
  • A flexible framework
  • Innovative security
  • Organisation management and insights
  • Global compliance
  • Payroll and compensation management
  • Employee benefit administration
  • A mobile-first design

The software package includes reporting and analytics features, letting businesses view, configure, update, and publish reports, dashboards, and scorecards.

The company says removing the separation between transactions and analytics means businesses can manage HR processes fluidly and in real-time.

“We bring benefits and employee transactional data into the same system, so changes flow seamlessly into payroll,” Workday says.

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Oracle HCM Cloud

Oracle’s Human Capital Management (HCM) products help businesses “plan, manage, and optimise global processes with a single common data source”, which, in turn, lets businesses make better decisions and personalise employee experiences.

Key features of its HCM products include:

  • Core human resources and onboarding functionality
  • Benefit management
  • Absence management
  • A workforce directory
  • Workforce modelling and predictions
  • Strategic workforce planning
  • An HR help desk
  • A digital assistant

Oracle describes its HCM products as creating a “best-in-class” HR experience through its self-service and mobile-responsive tools.

The core human resources functionality includes on-demand employee information, legal compliance for more than 200 nations, and end-to-end HR processes.

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Genesys says its workforce engagement management (WEM) software helps businesses keep their employees satisfied and drive employee retention.

“WEM focuses on the human side of your contact centre to improve employee engagement,” it states.

Its employee performance management feature provides a single platform for staff onboarding and retention, nurturing employee talents, and analysing staff performance metrics.

Genesys WEM helps businesses to create accurate forecasts and schedules, which the company says allows for “more time to focus on agent performance, skill development and coaching”.

Genesys WEM provides a range of additional features, including quality assurance and monitoring, gamification, long-term workforce planning, and speech and text analytics.

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Top HR management software for South African businesses