Most expensive products on Takealot

South Africa’s biggest online store currently doesn’t offer any products with price tags above R99,999.

MyBroadband has previously compiled lists of the most expensive products available from Takealot using the popular e-commerce website’s search tool for all categories and sorting products by price.

In all those cases, we found the top 10 products sold for well over R100,000.

The most expensive product we found on the online store in the last two years was a R450,000 series of drawings by former president Nelson Mandela.

Earlier this year, we also spotted a second-hand IWC watch going for an astounding R360,900.

This time around, however, we could not find any six-figure products in Takealot’s catalogue.

Interestingly, one of the products that previously featured prominently in more than one top 10 list was significantly cheaper.

One of the Landolt-Börnstein books — Phase Diagrams and Physical Properties of Nonequilibrium Alloys, which previously sold for R416,521 in December 2021 and R416,599 in January 2023, now costs R19,719.

We initially thought this might have been due to a pricing error on Takealot.

However, the fact that the book’s price on Amazon had also declined from R144,000 to R12,505 suggests it reflected an actual price reduction and not an error.

Below are the ten most expensive products listed on Takealot on Monday, 10 July 2023.

TCL 98-inch 4K QLED TV + 32-inch HD LCD TV Bundle — R99,999

Who wouldn’t want an extra 32-inch TV for the kids?

TCL may not be as well-known as Samsung or LG, but the brand is among the most popular on the US store.

LG 77-inch OLED G1 Evo Gallery TV — R99,999

You can either spend lots of money on multiple artworks or spend lots of money on one TV and show off all the world’s best pieces with full per-pixel backlighting.

In addition to super sharp image quality and vivid colours, the 77-inch LG G1 features an ultra-slim thickness of less than 2cm.

That means it won’t detract from the expensive furniture in your Silver Lakes, Steyn City, or Val de Vie villa.

Goal Zero Yeti 6000x Portable Power Station — R99,999

The Yeti 6000x is ideal for those planning an extended trip into off-grid camping territory.

This beastly power station packs 6,000Wh of storage — nearly half the capacity of a Tesla Powerwall — and 3.5kW of peak output.

Extra Large Top Quality Khamyab Carpet (600 x 500cm) — R99,995

Your feet deserve only the finest-quality handmade Persian rugs, and this one comes with a certificate of authenticity to prove it is worth it.

IQ Stainless Steel Ice Maker (150kg) — R99,950

This ice maker can make and store 150kg of ice cubes in 24 hours, so a warm drink will never be an issue.

It is probably intended for restaurants or bars, but also great for when you plan to host a braai for the whole neighbourhood during the next Springboks game.

APC Smart-UPS Online SRT 5,000KVA — R99,058

This uninterrupted power supply can support up to 4.5kW of peak power to provide short-term backup to multiple appliances.

These can be connected via six C15 “kettle plug” connectors or four AC power outlets.

Superstrength 45-degree Leg Press Machine — R98,999

Never miss leg day again — because it would come at a cost.

Hand-knotted Persian Art Deco Tabriz Rug — R98,000

Persian rugs seem to have become a feature in this top 10.

Fluke 80l-110S Current Probe — R97,973

This seems overpriced, even if it’s not your cousin’s current meter.

RS Components sells the same product for R35,781, while Fluke’s website charges $1,005.99 (R18,942).

Parrot 75-inch LED Touch Panel — R97,249

From the company trusted by many South African teachers for its whiteboard markers comes the next step in education — a smart board.

It is probably more likely to end up in Sandton or Menlyn Maine board rooms than classrooms, though.

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Most expensive products on Takealot