Tesla autopilot mode to launch soon

Tesla vehicles are expected to receive an autopilot feature in the next few weeks, PC World reports.

According to reports, Tesla has been testing the software on long drives for several months. It keeps the car in lane, and adjusts its speed when near other vehicles.

Earlier in 2015, Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised that the feature would roll out as part of a “summer update”.

Musk said the system relies on a forward camera, radar, and ultrasonic sensors that cover the area around the car up to a distance of about 5m.

More recently, he told Danish newspaper Børsen that the update will roll out to Tesla cars in the coming weeks.

“We’re probably only a month away from having autonomous driving, at least for highways and for relatively simple roads,” he said.

Musk said fully autonomous vehicles were up to three years away, in his opinion. Regulations could hold it up even further, he added.

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Tesla autopilot mode to launch soon