This is how many people have taken Sanral’s 60% e-toll discount

Almost 300,000 motorists have taken the 60% discount on their outstanding e-toll bills, said the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) company.

ETC said there has been a last-minute rush from e-toll users to take up the offer of a discount on tolls incurred from 3 December 2013 to 31 August 2015.

Motorists have until 2 May 2016 to qualify for the discount.

In addition to implementing the government’s plan to encourage e-toll payment, Sanral has also stepped up its collection efforts.

Sanral sending out court summonses

Outa recently issued a statement confirming that several of its members had received High Court summonses for outstanding e-toll bills ranging between R400,000 and R8 million.

“Outa’s lawyers have filed notices of intention to defend these matters with the North Gauteng High Court and a trial of this nature could possibly take years to finalise,” said Outa.

It said Sanral decided to issue summonses against less than 0.3% of e-toll defaulters, despite the fact that over 2 million motorists refuse to pay for the scheme.

Outa said this is nothing short of state coercion and victimisation.

ETC’s phones ringing off the hook

The ETC said its call centre for the 60% discount offer has seen an increase of 110% in incoming calls compared to the average daily calls taken in March.

It usually receives 1,300 telephone calls and makes 2,250 outbound calls per day.

On 26 April it received 2,500 calls thanks to the last-minute rush, it said.

While the ETC would not disclose how much the 300,000 motorists have paid, it said that payments for the first 27 days of April exceeded those for March by 39%.

“The collection activity is based on varying degrees of certainty and settlement figures change daily.”

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This is how many people have taken Sanral’s 60% e-toll discount