More information about violent South African Uber attacks

Uber remains mum on the attacks on people who were using the Uber app for their transport needs, but the victims are not letting the issue go.

In July a woman was attacked and raped after getting into what she thought was an Uber taxi in Fourways, Johannesburg.

The next month a couple was attacked after ordering an Uber ride home via the service’s mobile app from the Movida nightclub in Sunninghill in the early morning hours.

Uber has previously denied that the drivers involved in the attacks were active Uber drivers, but according to the victims they received receipts for their trips when the attacks occurred.

One of the victims, Susan Dey, told ENCA that she initially thought Uber was not in involved in any way in her attack.

When she received a receipt for the journey on which her attack happened, she changed her mind.

Tracy Stockhall, who was also attacked after ordering an Uber taxi, told ENCA that she fought back and threw herself out of the car when she was attacked.

Just like Dey, Stockhall received an Uber ride receipt for the trip she was attacked on.

Two men have been arrested for the attacks and rape on Dey, Stockhall, and three other victims.

Uber Sub-Saharan Africa managing director, Alon Lits, said the driver was not active at the time of the attacks.

When quizzed about the Uber trip receipts, Lits said it is only speculation, and with the ongoing police investigation he is not willing to comment further.

Lits said they are assisting the police in any way they can in the investigation, including providing them with data which may assist.

The lawyer representing the Uber victims, Ulrich Roux, said Uber has not been forthcoming with information at all.

“We have not received any communication from Uber whatsoever. It is clear that all of these instances have been logged with them, but they have not been forthcoming at all,” he said.

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More information about violent South African Uber attacks