Toyota Hilux vs Mercedes-Benz X-Class – South African pricing

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class has received South African pricing, starting at R642,000 for the X220d 4X2 manual model.

The prices are effective from 1 April 2018.

Not announced as part of the lineup which received pricing were three X-Class models South Africans will be very interested in, however:

  • X250d Progressive and Power 4×4 automatic models.
  • The high-end V6 X-Class model.

The V6 X-Class is reportedly set to arrive in South Africa later in 2018, and will go head-to-head with the top-of-the-range Toyota Hilux – the 4.0 V6 4×4 Raider AT.

X-Class vs Hilux

South Africans love their bakkies, and the X-Class arriving in South Africa is set to start a new range of debates which will join the ranks of Hilux vs Amarok vs Ranger vs KB vs Navara.

This will include the question: Is the X-Class a “real bakkie”?

According to Mercedes-Benz, the answer is yes.

“Although it breaks fresh ground as an urban lifestyle and family vehicle, the X-Class essentially remains a robust, functional bakkie with off-road capability, and is up to practically any challenge,” said Mercedes-Benz.

The company said the X-Class features an array of impressive bakkie specifications, with it highlight three areas.


The X-Class can carry over 1,000kg in terms of load and pull a trailer weighing up to 3,500kg, said the company.

It is built on a ladder-type frame made of high-quality steel, and has the option of a stainless steel underbody protection panel if you regularly travel on rough roads.

“So feel free to load up with tools, machines, material, or sports and leisure equipment,” said Mercedes-Benz.

Off-road capabilities

The X-Class – available with a low-ratio all-wheel-drive mode and optional differential lock on the rear axle – get drivers though “the most challenging of terrain”.

The bakkie features a ground clearance of 202mm, and 222mm upon request.

It will also “climb gradients of up to approximately 100% and remain drive stable at lateral inclinations of up to approximately 49.8 degrees”.

Big bin

Mercedes-Benz said the X-Class packs an easy-to-clean cargo area with a length of 1,587mm.

“It can be loaded with soiled, wet, or dusty objects with no problems.”

The cargo area also features 475mm-high sidewalls, a step on the rear bumper for users, and a 12V socket for electrical devices.


The table below shows the pricing of the X-Class and the Toyota Hilux in South Africa.

X250d Progressive and Power 4×4 automatic, and V6 X-Class models have not yet received South African pricing.

Hilux vs X-Class
Model Price
Mercedes-Benz X-Class
X-Class X220d 4X2 Progressive (Manual) R642,103
X-Class X250d 4X2 Progressive (Automatic) R694,025
X-Class X250d 4X4 Progressive (Manual) R696,785
X-Class X250d 4X4 Power (Manual) R791,315
Toyota Hilux
2.7 VVTi RB SRX MT R398,600
2.4 GD-6 RB SRX MT R442,700
2.4 GD-6 4×4 SR MT R470,100
2.4 GD-6 4×4 SRX MT R482,900
2.4 GD-6 4X4 SRX AT R500,700
2.8 GD-6 RB Raider MT R511,300
2.8 GD-6 RB Raider AT R529,300
2.8 GD-6 4×4 Raider MT R576,400
2.8 GD-6 4×4 Raider AT R595,700
4.0 V6 4×4 Raider AT R644,700

Mercedes-Benz X-Class

X-Class vs Hilux

X-Class vs Hilux

X-Class vs Hilux

Toyota Hilux

X-Class vs Hilux

X-Class vs Hilux

X-Class vs Hilux

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Toyota Hilux vs Mercedes-Benz X-Class – South African pricing