Mercedes X-Class vs Hilux vs Ranger vs Amarok – Power, torque, towing, and price

Following the unveiling of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class in South Africa, bakkie enthusiasts soon began arguing about the new vehicle.

The discussion touched on the capabilities of the X-Class, its off-road clout, and whether it would trump the likes of the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger.

The centre point for most discussions, however, was the price of the X-Class in South Africa.

Two points were raised by drivers:

  • Is the X-Class worth its price tag, considering the alternatives you can buy – Hilux, Amarok, and Ranger?
  • The fact that the X-Class is based on the Nissan Navara means a Navara is a possible cheaper alternative.

Pricing and power

With the Mercedes-Benz X-Class starting at R642,000 for a X220d 4×2 model and going up to R818,000 for a X250d 4X4 model, it is more expensive than competing bakkies on the market.

The company is also yet to announce pricing for its top-of-the-range V6 X-Class model.

To see how the X-Class stacks up against competing double-cab bakkies from Toyota, VW, Ford, and Nissan, we looked at what consumers can buy for the price of an X-Class.

The table below details the price, power, and towing power of the X-Class and its competitors.

The models have been listed and categorised by their engine type.

Starting prices are for the base models of each engine type, unless otherwise stated.

It must be noted that cabin and add-on features, or luxury lines have not been taken into account.

For Mercedes-Benz, for example, the X250d 4×4 Progressive model starts at R696,785, while the X250d Power model starts at R791,315, while sharing the same engine.

Bakkie Showdown

Bakkie Showdown
Model Price [From] Engine Power Torque Payload Towing Capacity [Braked/Unbraked]
Mercedes-Benz X-Class
X220d R642,103 2.3l 4-cylinder 120kW 403Nm 1,067kg 3,200/750 kg
X250d R694,785 2.3l 4-cylinder 140kW 450Nm 1,067kg 3,200/750 kg
X250d 4×4 R696,785 2.3l 4-cylinder 140kW 450Nm 1,067kg 3,500/750 kg
Toyota Hilux
2.8 GD-6 4×4 Raider R576,400 2.7l 4-cylinder 130kW 420Nm 815kg 3,500/750 kg
4.0 V6 4×4 Raider R644,700 4.0l 6-cylinder 175kW 376Nm 855kg 3,000/ 750 kg
Ford Ranger
3.2 TDCi XLT 4×4 R601,900 3.2l 5-cylinder 147kW 470Nm 1,168kg 3,500/NA kg
3.2 TDCi Wildtrak 4×4 R624,900 3.2l 5-cylinder 147kW 470Nm 1,155kg 3,500/NA kg
VW Amarok
2.0 BiTDI 4Motion Highline R618,700 2.0l 4-cylinder 132kW 420Nm 838kg / 1,041kg* 3,200/750 kg
3.0 TDI 4Motion Highline R697,400 3.0l 6-cylinder 165kW 550Nm 867kg / 1,010kg* 3,300/750 kg
Nissan Navara
2.3D LE 4X4 MT DC R573,500 2.3l 4-cylinder 140kW 450Nm 1,002kg 3,500/750 kg
2.3D LE 4X4 AT DC R594,900 2.3l 4-cylinder 140kW 450Nm 961kg 3,500/750 kg
*Without / With heavy-duty springs.

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Mercedes X-Class vs Hilux vs Ranger vs Amarok – Power, torque, towing, and price