R1-million Mercedes-Benz X-Class vs Toyota Hilux – Price and power showdown

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled pricing for its top-of-line X-Class bakkie, the X350d V6 4×4 Power.

The company also revealed pricing for the slightly cheaper V6 model, the X350d Progressive.

Both models produce 190kW of power, have automatic transmissions, and 4×4 drive – and are priced as follows:

  • X-Class Progressive V6 4×4 – R904,188
  • X-Class Power V6 4×4 – R973,188

Following the unveiling of the pricing for the V6 X-Class, the first question South African readers asked was: “Can it beat a Toyota Hilux?”

Hilux vs X-Class

The Toyota Hilux, particularly the double-cab bakkie, is an icon in South Africa and the choice of many off-road users.

The Hilux has been around for much longer than the X-Class, although it may be argued that the Mercedes-Benz bakkie is more than a utilitarian vehicle and is not a direct competitor.

With its German pedigree, Mercedes-Benz badge, and high price tag, the X-Class not only fills the 4×4 role, but is a luxury vehicle with status attached to it.

Nonetheless, to see how the two V6 X-Class models compare against the top-of-the-range Hilux double-cabs, we have detailed their pricing and specifications in the table below.

As you can see, the bakkies deliver similar power, towing, and load-carrying capabilities.

The X-Class has slightly more power and torque, and a higher payload rating, but all can tow 3 tonnes (braked).

All the vehicles offer automatic transmission, while the Hilux – in its Raider variant – is available in either petrol or diesel. The X-Class is only available in diesel.

Where the differences really come into play, however, is price.

The Hilux is substantially cheaper than the X-Class and users can save over R300,000 if they opt for the Toyota bakkie instead of the Mercedes-Benz model.

X-Class vs Hilux
Vehicle X-Class X350d V6 Progressive X-Class X350d V6 Power Hilux 2.8 GD-6 Raider Hilux 4.0 V6 4×4 Raider
Engine Diesel 3.0-litre V6 Diesel 3.0-litre V6 Diesel 2.8-litre 4-cylinder Petrol 4.0-litre V6
Power 190kW 190kW 130kW 175kW
Torque 550Nm 550Nm 450Nm 376Nm
4×4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Payload 965kg 965kg 810kg 855kg
Tow Rating 3.5t 3.5t 3.5t 3.0t
Transmission Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Price R904,188 R973,188 R625,000 R667,100

Toyota Hilux



Mercedes-Benz X-Class



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R1-million Mercedes-Benz X-Class vs Toyota Hilux – Price and power showdown