Tesla cars will find parking spots by themselves

In a series of tweets, Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised that an advanced version of its auto-parking technology Summon will be ready in six weeks.

This will let owners control their car remotely through their phones.

In a separate set of tweets, Musk said that by next year Summon should be able to drive a Tesla around a parking lot, and park in an empty spot that it confirms is valid by reading signs.

Introduced in January 2016, Summon is an auto-parking technology that lets Tesla owners park or retrieve their vehicles by using Tesla’s mobile app or key fob.

The capability was rather limited, allowing owners to prompt a parked Tesla to roll out of a garage or parking spot, but it wasn’t capable of driving autonomously through a parking garage to find an empty parking space.

The Summon feature was to become more capable as a result of vehicles equipped with a robust suite of sensors, radar, and cameras – which Tesla began producing in October 2016.

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Tesla cars will find parking spots by themselves