Buying a dashcam can cut your insurance premiums in South Africa

Driving a motor vehicle in South Africa can be a hazardous activity, with many people driving without insurance and an alarmingly-high level of road accidents.

Arrive Alive and Justice Project South Africa (JPSA) have previously explained the benefits of fitting a dashcam to your vehicle to aid in insurance claims and deter police corruption.

A dashcam is a simple dashboard-mounted camera which is powered by your car’s battery and constantly records video to an SD card as you drive.

If you get into an accident, the footage before and after the accident can be saved automatically if the camera has the required hardware.

[For more information on dashcam hardware available in South Africa, click here.]

JPSA, Arrive Alive, and Garmin all said that having a dashcam in your vehicle is a valuable asset if you ever witness or are involved in a road accident.

However, there is currently no explicit incentivisation or requirements from vehicle insurers regarding the implementation of dashcams, despite the invaluable evidence they can provide when processing claims.

MyBroadband spoke to OUTsurance, Discovery, and MiWay about their policies and incentives surrounding dashcams.


OUTsurance acknowledged the value delivered by drivers with dashcams installed in their vehicles, and added that it has begun incentivising clients to install the devices in their cars.

“Having a dashcam installed in a vehicle can provide valuable information in the event of a dispute on who is to blame for a collision,” OUTsurance head of client relations Natasha Kawulesar told MyBroadband.

“We have recently started offering clients who have a dashcam installed in their vehicle a discounted premium,” Kawulesar said.

She added that while OUTsurance has begun encouraging clients to use dashcams, the approach is still relatively new.

The company said it is not able to share any other information regarding this solution at this point.

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MiWay told MyBroadband that it does not currently offer clients any incentives to purchase dashcams.

The company added that it does not account for the presence of a dashcam when offering clients vehicle insurance.

While it does not offer any incentives now, MiWay said it may consider the option in future.

“We will consider it if it becomes more widespread,” MiWay said.

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MyBroadband reached out to Discovery for feedback, but the company did not respond by the time of publication.

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Buying a dashcam can cut your insurance premiums in South Africa