I tested smart parking and I will never go back to tickets

One of the biggest problems with urban environments is the constant frustration of traffic.

This includes inefficiencies such as road works or congestion, or even something as simple as paying for parking.

Paying for parking seems like a simple task, but removing unnecessary friction can improve your experience.

As somebody who rarely carries cash and relies almost exclusively on electronic or smartphone payments, the need to have money to pay for parking is annoying.

Queuing to pay for a parking ticket is even worse.

However, services like Admyt are trying to make this nightmare go away by integrating with parking systems in malls around South Africa.

Admyt explained

The premise of the platform is simple – register with your payment and vehicle details and then automatically pay for parking at compatible malls.

Hardware installed on the shopping mall’s parking booms reads your vehicle’s number plate, and the boom automatically raises.

The entry time for your visit is logged and you do not need to obtain a parking ticket.

Once you have finished your shopping, you get in your car and drive to the exit.

Using the same recognition system, the exit boom then reads your licence plate and charges the corresponding credit card for the amount of time spent in the mall – and automatically raises again.

Parking charges can be tracked using the Admyt mobile app, and has information on compatible parking locations.

Parking locations

Below are the locations in which parking with Admyt is supported, according to the mobile app.

  • Johannesburg – Sandton City
  • Johannesburg – Benmore Centre
  • Johannesburg – 24 Central
  • Johannesburg – Rivonia Village
  • Johannesburg – Hyde Park Corner
  • Johannesburg – Nelson Mandela Square
  • Johannesburg – Killarney Mall
  • Johannesburg – Greenstone Mall
  • Centurion – Centurion Mall
  • Pretoria – Loftus Park
  • Cape Town – Kenilworth Centre
  • Cape Town – Blue Route Mall

Admyt said it is constantly working to expand the number of supported malls, and is taking requests on its website for future installations.


Registering for the Admyt platform is painless, and can be done either online or through the platform’s mobile app.

Any compatible Visa and Mastercard bank card can be used to register for the service, along with Standard Bank’s virtual card.

To retain stronger control over my spending, I used the Admyt virtual card to sign up for the platform.

Apart from my account and billing details, my vehicle make, model, and licence number were required to set up the service.

Admyt app admission

Using Admyt

My first test was the entry boom for the parking at Hyde Park Corner, and my vehicle had not even come to a complete stop before the system detected my licence plate and I was let in.

After parking my car, the Admyt app pushed a notification through acknowledging my entrance to the parking lot.

Leaving was also a painless affair, and I was driving to the boom on my way out, the Admyt system again recognised my vehicle and opened the boom without any delay.

The app then notified me of the time spent in the mall and the fee charged for parking.

Often, the obstacle of queuing to pay for parking has prevented me from travelling to large centres for small purchases.

After signing up for Admyt however, I will definitely be visiting supported shopping malls more frequently – and avoiding the nuisance of queuing to physically pay for parking.

For locations not covered by Admyt, smart parking services including KaChing and ParkFind can be used.

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I tested smart parking and I will never go back to tickets