How Norway got people to buy electric cars

Statistics out of Norway show that in 2018, 31.2% of new car sales in the country were electric vehicles.

This is a new record and is part of a drive by the country to end the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2025.

Norway has heavily incentivised the purchase of electric cars to achieve its 2025 goal, and according to a report by Reuters owners of the vehicles are exempt from most taxes that come with car ownership.

The country also offers free parking and charging points for electric car owners.

While the growth of electric cars in Norway is strong – only 5.5% of new cars sales in 2013 were electric – there was still a long way to go to remove fossil-fuel vehicles from the road.

It must be noted that hybrids are not included in the sales figures listed above.

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How Norway got people to buy electric cars