Massive Uber app overhaul – All the new features

Uber and Uber Eats have been combined into a single app, and a variety of new features have been added.

The ride-hailing company launched its new, overhauled app at an event in San Francisco on 26 September.

The new app offers a variety of new and improved functionalities, as well as enhanced security features.

These new features are outlined below.


The new Uber app will include an updated home screen, where users will now be presented with two boxes that ask them whether they want to “get a ride” or “order food”.

Uber is testing this home screen against a more traditional version, where users will still see a map of their surroundings, and the option to hail a ride or order food will exist as tabs at the bottom of their screen.

Users will also be able to use allergy-friendly filters for their Uber Eats orders, ensuring that people with specific dietary restrictions can order their food without fear of eating something that they are allergic to.

This will allow restaurants to customise the order to remove foods that the customer is allergic to or let them offer alternatives to the customer.

Uber also plans to launch an earnings estimator to give drivers a better idea of how much they could earn.

Drivers will receive a Demand Heatmap which highlights areas where riders are requesting more trips.

Uber is also integrating certain transit systems onto its platform, allowing users to see if there are buses or subways in their vicinity that will serve as better alternatives to an Uber ride.

While this is not yet available in Africa, Uber said that the programme will expand to cities on every continent by the end of the year – which could mean that this feature will come to South Africa’s major urban centres in the future.


Uber is also adding several new security features, including one where users will be provided with a four-digit PIN to ensure that they enter the correct vehicle.

In a few months time, Uber will also launch a technology that uses ultrasound waves to verify that the user is in the right car – negating the need for a PIN.

Uber will also provide riders with on-trip reporting, which means that riders will be able to report incidents during the trip, rather than after the ride is finished.

Real-Time ID Check has been improved. The system initially started with basic selfies, but now drivers can perform movements such as blink, smile, and turn their head.

Finally, the company will send you a push notification if you are dropped off near a bike lane so that you don’t open your door in the path a biker.

MyBroadband asked Uber South Africa when the new version of its app would be available locally, but the company did not respond by the time of publication.

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Massive Uber app overhaul – All the new features