Tesla cars could get liquid-cooled seats

A new patent application by Tesla describes the use of a liquid-based system for cooling and heating car seats.

Liquid-cooling technology may be better-known for its use in high-performance computer components and server rooms, although it is also used in electric vehicle battery packs.

It now appears the electric car maker could employ the benefits of this technology in its vehicles’ car seats.

Some of Tesla’s current models already offer temperature-controllable seats, but the patent application – named “Vehicle Seat with Integrated Temperature Control System” – details a rework of the way in which heat or cold is generated.

Conventional heated car seats use an electrical current to heat an element located under the driver or passenger’s seat. Cooling also makes use of fans that blow hot air away from the seat.

Both of these methods consume electric power, a precious resource in Tesla’s vehicles.

By using the superior conductive properties of a fluid, liquid heating and cooling is more efficient and could use less power, which would help to boost the driving range of Tesla’s vehicles.

The patent describes a system containing various layers of fluid that would circulate to cool and heat the bases and backs of seats.

Another benefit that this method would bring is improved temperature control for cooling, since a refrigerant liquid would serve to cool the seat instead of simply blowing air.

It should be noted, however, that vehicle manufacturers regularly submit patent applications for technology that never go into commercial production.

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Tesla cars could get liquid-cooled seats